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This concept is really cool and I really enjoyed it (I'm a meta game fan, though, haha.) The art style is really nice too, and this is a really cool use of the theme cycle. I could not tell if the typos were intentional or not, but they didn't bother me much. I really enjoyed all of the really individual and unique personalities of all of the characters :)

I don't hate it. The character drawings are great but the general game concept... maybe just too meta for me?

Maybe it is, or maybe it just really isn't that fun hahaha
Thanks for your feedback! :)

Very interesting game overall. Sometimes things don't have to make sense and that's fine. I did notice a handful of typos, I'd recommend putting your text through something like grammarly just to make sure its grammatically correct.

Yeah, I made the decision of not revising the text to gain velocity, but in retrospective, I should've, as it is an essential part of the experience. Next time I'll give it more attention and time.

And thanks for your feedback! :)

Neat concept. I look forward to seeing where you went with it. The dialog seems to break if you switch characters mid-cycle, in that it continues with discussions that haven't actually happened. Lot of typos, especially in hashtag boy.

Thank you for your feedbacks! :D

I tried to reproduce this bug, but I couldn't. Maybe it was just unclear where the progress with each one was, or the text that seemed out of context. I will look into that!

I did some writing for a previous jam, and it ended up eating way more of my time than I intended to. I'm impressed you got done with that much before the deadline. I probably would have cheated when making this and killed them in a specific order so I didn't have to write as much dialogue :). I enjoyed the writing a bunch, although, like others have said, it could use a cleanup pass, which is understandable for the game jam. I'm looking forward to playing the updated version!

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Yeah, it was rushed, specially for the final 6 interactions of each character, and the cheat I did was to not add more dialog choices hahaha
But, it also had a positive effect on not making the game too long, and thus with less chances of getting boring.

Oh, and I briefly checked your "Walk and Talk" game and loved the concept. I'll play some more and maybe leave a comment there as well!

I guess I'll have to try it again once you've uploaded the finished version in a few days.  Neat character design and art, though! :)

Thank you! I'll upload the new one as soon as possible :)

Wow, the game was cool, but I'm not sure what meta-fiction is so... Anyway, I liked the characters (especially Ariadne). So sad when they die! Although sometimes dies someone you haven't talked to yet. I looking forward to find out what is going to happen in the end!


Meta-fiction is just a story that makes reference to the medium in which the story is shared, like Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club, etc. Usually this means breaking the fourth wall, alluding to things necessary to tell the story but not typically considered in-universe (like what case the characters "speak" in),  and/or being self-conscious of the story's own literary structure (point out tropes, plot holes, etc.)

Thank you for the definition! Meta-fiction does sound like fun

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Thank you for playing! :D

I'm glad you liked the characters, I really tried to make them fun to talk to. And my favorite one, I mean, The Creator favorite one is... nobody! Bwahahaha! (just kidding hahaha I like all of them...)

And tykenn explained really well the concept, including my inspiration in Undertale hahaha


Thanks for making another thing to fuel my meta-fiction obsession. The art was really neat. The grammar could use some work. I'm looking forward to the post-jam update.

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I wasn't familiar with the term meta-fiction! I think it suits far better on what I intended, so I'm going to change the description.
And yes, there was several grammar mistakes :(
Next time I'll try to use a grammar checker before implementing into the game.
Thank you very much for your comment! :D

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This is really cool. At first I didn't like it but at the end I started to like how it was working.  (then everyone dies and I answered the questions wrong #ikilledyoubecauseisuckattrivia)

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Hahahaha! You got me with "#ikilledyoubecauseisuckattrivia".
Thank you for your comment, and I'm glad you ended up liking it :)

Very interesting concept, made me feel strange emotions, but the dialogue bugged out for me at the end, repeating once and then disappearing with The Creator's portrait remaining. :(

Thank you! Strange emotions is something that got me curious hahaha
And sorry for not being clear that this version was incomplete! :(

Very interesting game with some really good dialogue, really gave these short lived characters some personality :D Would love to see more of it :)

Oh, thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked! :D
I just finished the version 1.0, adding the stuff I couldn't do in time for the submission. When able, I'll upload an update.

Sounds awesome ill definetly try the full version! :D